ExaGrid offers the only disk-based backup storage solution that solves all the problems of backup storage up front and over time. ExaGrid provides a unique landing zone, unique approach to deduplication, and the only scale-out solution in its class.

With ExaGrid’s unique landing zone, backups land straight to disk without any inline processing. Backups are fast, resulting in the shortest backup window. Adaptive Deduplication allows deduplication and offsite replication to occur in parallel with the backups and never impede the backup process as they are always a second order priority. Since backups write directly to the landing zone, the most recent backups are in their full undeduplicated form ready for any request. Local restores, instant VM recoveries, and tape copies do not require rehydration and are as fast as disk. ExaGrid offers the fastest recoveries and restores.

ExaGrid provides full appliances in a scale-out GRID. As data grows, all resources are added, including additional landing zone, bandwidth, processor, and memory as well as disk capacity. The backup window stays fixed in length regardless of data growth which eliminates expensive forklift upgrades. ExaGrid is the only solution in its class that offers this approach.