Storagecraft VS Ransomware ... Oneblox and SPX


26th January 2018

Storagecraft VS Ransomware ... Oneblox and SPX

Join sales engineer (and Oneblox Jedi) Jaap van Kleef shows how to use OneBlox and SPX to recover from a ransomware attack in minutes. Oneblox offers excellent Ransomware protection while also eliminating some of the top storage pain points.

  • Unpredictable data growth? No problem with Oneblox – add drives or nodes as you grow. -
  • Complex installation? No problem with Oneblox – set up in less than 15 mins.
  • Expensive / forklift upgrades? No problem with Oneblox – continue to use what you have when upgrading/expanding storage.

SPX offers state of the art recovery capabilities to recover data and systems from Ransomware attacks in minutes.

  • Need a System Restore in minutes? No problem with SPX – spin up a copy of your critical machines in minutes.
  • Is all your data encrypted? No problem with SPX – access data in second directly from your backups.
  • Is your DC out of operation due to Ransomware? No problem with SPX – bring up multiple machines in the cloud.
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